#96 Pyomun Makgeolli (표문 먹걸리)

The craft makgeolli that seemed to start the whole craze on naming alcoholic drinks after household brands/products. It’s a little thicker than most makgeolli and definitely separates quickly in the bottle so needs a good shake before pouring. Thick and creamy with no carbonation. Very much tastes and feels like a ‘crafted’ makgeolli rather than a traditional one. But I surprisingly quite liked it and it was definitely better than I expected.

Named after a popular flour brand, Pyomun is made by Interestingly, the Hangeul for “Pyomun” has been turned upside down giving it a pretty cool and unique look, maybe even symbolizing turning makgeolli bottles upside down to shake them? It is a little bit more expensive than your average makgeolli and while it is a decent enough makgeolil the hefty price tag is something that I’m not sure I would pay too often as there are a lot cheaper and better tasting ricewines out there.

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