#93 Kooksoondang Makgeolli (국순당 생막걸리)

Recently repackaged and relaunched, Kooksoondang has a lot of carbonation and is a little chalky both in colour and taste. It’s kind of a ‘middle of the road’ ricewine, it’s doesn’t really hit you as being exceptional but it’s also not terrible either. It is a little sweet although they do claim that the taste changes a lot depending on how long it’s been in the fridge.

The company has recently remodeled their bottles to make the design more modern looking and also a little more ‘green’ as the labelling is designed to come off easily and in one piece. The remodeling was probably long overdue as the previous Marketing concept was pretty bad. The new design describes the aforementioned ‘continual’ five-step fermentation process that gives it that changing taste. The Shelf-life is a little longer than most “raw” makgeollis. It is becoming more and more common to find in places like CU, although maybe it’s just the new label that’s making it stand out more.

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