#92 Yangsan Cheonseongsan Makgeolli (양산 천성산 막걸리)

Smells and tastes as bitter as a Gaedo but it lacks the body of the island ricewine which is a little disappointing. I had unfortunately carried this all over Haeundae Beach in my bag before getting it into a fridge which may have impacted slightly on my enjoyment. That being said it was a decent enough makgeolli and given the fact I couldn’t find Dongbaek anywhere it was a more than adequate substitute.

The brewery seems to make 3 or 4 different makgeolli but again due to the continual labelling changes it’s difficult to know if this is new or just a rebranded product. Either way it was a great little find in a random mart just behind Haeundae beach. And there was something particularly pleasing about drinking cheap ricewine out of a Westin Chosoun mug! The brewery boasts 100yrs of tradition allegedly but then again don’t they all….

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