#91 JeonJiSu Makgeolli (천지소 막걸리)

It has slight carbonation and both a slightly bitter and slightly sweet taste. It is pretty thin and, like most thin rice wines, it splits quite quickly in the cup. It has a pretty short shelf-life which is kind of surprising given that it seems to have been produced mainly for export. It is an easy ricewine to drink and is a definitely worth ordering if you want to take the time to go online and wait for your makgeolli fix.

JeonJiSu has Japanese writing on the label as it would appear has designed only for export to Japan. This bottle I bought online on the Sool Market website which explains why it is so difficult to find online. It is allegedly the number one online non-domestic alcohol sold in Japan so they are definitely doing something right with it. The brewery claims that the makgeolli must be shipped on the same day that it is produced in order to maintain the quality of the drink. They use lotus root which they source locally in Siheung which gives it a slightly more unique taste.

  • Price : Cost around 1700W from the Sool Market website
  • Is a little bitter
  • Seems to be made mainly for export
  • Alcohol : 6%

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