#88 Malpyo ‘Horse’ Makgeolli (말픞 막걸리)

Allegedly named after a famous shoe polish brand, it’s a a really sour tasting black bean makgeolli. There is a lot of sediment and so you need to drink it pretty quickly as once it settles there’s a lot at the bottom of your cup. The colour is also a little brown in order to match the shoe polish, which I’m not really sure was a good idea. Not sure I’m a fan of this to be honest and it’s definitely not one that I’ll be rushing out to buy again.

While I might not be the biggest fan of the contents there’s no denying that both the concept and the labelling/design are fantastic. Made by the Yecheon Brewery in what seems to be a partnership with CU, it has apparently been developed with the new younger generation of makgeolli drinkers in mind which I guess is why I wasn’t won over by it. A recent survey of CUs actually placed it as the 5th best selling makgeolli …..is it time to end my blog??? There is also a ‘Malpyo’ stout made by the Squeeze Brewery and that is pretty good, if a little heavy….it’s a shame they weren’t able to produce a better makgeolli.

  • Price : Cost around 1700W a bottle in CU
  • Named after a shoe polish
  • A pretty bitter tasting black bean makgeolli
  • Alcohol : 5%

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