#85 Pocheon 1932 Idong Dodeok Makgeolli (포천 1932 더덕 막걸리)

You can smell the dodeok but it doesn’t really taste of it all that much. It’s a little too thin and watery and it’s definitely not as good as some of the other dodeok makgeolli that’s on the market, for example Chilgapsan (review here). It’s unfortunately another slightly disappointing effort from a Pocheon brewery and given that I really enjoy the ‘root’ flavoured rice wines I definitely regretted carrying it all the way back from a Hwaseong mart as I made my way home from the football.

Allegedly made with imported dodeok concentrate rather than fresher options it does appear to be a makgeolli that places quantity over quality, so thankfully it comes in larger 1200ml bottles otherwise they’d run the risk of nobody buying it. For a brewery that boasts such lengthy tradition they do tend to scrimp a little when it comes to high quality ingredients and they do tend to be aiming for the ‘get drunk quick’ makgeolli drinkers rather than those who like to sip and savor their rice wine on a Saturday nigh…..I’m not sure which group I fall into….can I be in both?

  • Price : Cost around 1700W a bottle in a local mart in Hwaseong
  • It smells like dodeok….but that’s it
  • A little too thin and watery
  • Alcohol : 6%

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