#84 Soseongju Plus (소성주 플러스)

Made with only domestic rice unlike the standard version (review here) which uses a mixture of both domestic and foreign rice, ‘Plus’ is Incheon’s answer to Jangsoo ’10 day’ makgeolli, the ‘Plus’ being because it is domestic rice only. It is a little sour and has a lot of carbonation so make sure you have your cup at the ready. It is a simple makgeolli which is light and easy to drink but it is kind of easily forgettable as there isn’t really anything ‘Plus’ about it that sets it apart from the standard Soseongju and there’s definitely nothing to justify a 200W higher price tag.

SoSeongju ‘Plus’ is one of those makgeolli where you feel that the brewery really wanted to produce something new but couldn’t really figure out what it was that they wanted to do. That being said I actually do like it and is it 100x better than the horrendous Busan Saengtak “Mild” which is one of the worst ricewines I’ve drank. I have strangely found myself choosing it over the standard SoSeongJu on occasion but that is generally when I either have to wake up at 5am or have a fridge full of craft beer to drink afterwards.

  • Price : Cost around 1300W in most Incheon area Marts
  • Made with only domestic rice
  • Light and slightly sour with a lot of carbonation
  • Alcohol : 5%

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