#83 Namhansanseong Makgeolli (남한산성 막걸리)

It’s a very light and smooth makgeolli, it has no carbonation which means you can make sure to mix it 100%. It seem to be becoming more and more popular in restaurants in the Gyeonggi area  and offers a great alternative to the Jangsoo and Jipyeong that so often takes us the fridge space.  It is a really easy makgeolli to drink and is definitely one for the purists and newbies alike. 

Named after the Namsanseong Fortress in Gwangju City in Gyeonggi-do, there was a huge push by the local government to revive the makgeolli after it hit tough times in the 90s. The idea was not only to promote the local brewery but also to promote both the fortress and area and also the local ‘food culture’. It certainly seems to have paid off as Namhansanseong was also added to the ever-growing list of makgeolli that Lotte Mart sell. They use wheat as a base in the production of the drink which is what gives it that thick but also smooth tasting edge.

  • Price : Cost around 1200W in Lotte Mart
  • Uses wheat to make it a little thicker
  • Light and easy to drink and quickly becoming a favourite
  • Alcohol : 6%

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