#82 Hongcheon DongDongJu (홍천 동동주)

There is no real carbonation in Hongcheon DongDongJu and it has a slightly yellow in colour. It is a little sweet but that being said it does have the smell and feel of a makgeolli that you’d get served in the back streets of traditional places like Insadong and Jeonju. It unfortunately doesn’t have the sourness or the bite of the more “traditional” rice wines but it is a good makgeolli and the large bottles mean that you can really make good use of that kettle you bought and left in the cupboard.

Made by the Hongcheon Brewery in Gangwon-do, there is wheat added to the rice in the brewing process which does give it a slightly different feel to your standard Jangsoo style makgeolli. Hongcheon is a smallish city of just under 70,000 in Gangwon-do and is famous for it’s ice fishing festival, which I almost froze to death at in 2008. It also has a pretty decent beer festival which showcases a lot of the local craft beer. It’s a great area to visit, just don’t jump in a pool of freezing water and try catching fish by hand for a full 5 mins. Your legs might never recover!

  • Price : Cost around 1700W a bottle in a local mart in Bupyeong
  • Is a little sweet
  • Does smell like a traditional back alley makgeolli
  • Alcohol : 6%

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