#80 Cheongsong Apple Makgeolli (청송 사과 막걸리)

It’s not going to win any awards for its apple flavor any time soon but Cheongsong Apple makgeolli is an incredibly smooth and silky makgeolli. You cant’t really feel any evidence from the apples in either in it’s taste nor it’s smell but what it might lack in fruitiness it more than makes up for in being a really good rice wine which I could have drank all night……although I sometimes feel that says more about me being Scottish than it does about the quality or taste of the alcohol I’m drinking.

Cheongsong is famous in Korea for two things, apples and a prison, I assume if you were caught stealing the former you might well have ended up in the later. There is an Apple Festival held each year and has such fantastic competitions as ‘fastest apple eater’ and ‘fastest apple juice guzzler’ all of which sounds great but for me I was looking for the makgeolli version of a ‘yard of ale’. The brewery claims to have been around since 1946 with this particular rice wine having been made for just over 10yrs or so. It is definitely worth buying but just don’t expect an explosion of appleness.

  • Price : Cost around 2300W a bottle in the Sool Store in Chungmuro
  • Doesn’t smell or taste of apples but it is still a good makegolli
  • The apples will probably always be more popular than the alcohol
  • Alcohol : 6%

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