#79 Seoul Jangsoo Moonlight Citrus 달빛유자)

It does look exactly like the normal Seoul Jangsoo makgeolli, I was expecting it to have a more ‘citrus’ colour to be honest. It does taste a little of citrus but only slightly and really does taste more like a heavily watered down orange cordial juice. It is a fairly new addition to the Jangsoo Brewery’s portfolio but I severely doubt that it will become as popular as Insaeng (see video review at bottom of post) or even the ginseng flavored Jangsoo.

As much as I wasn’t a fan of the contents the packaging is pretty cool looking and it definitely helps it stand out in the fridges of E-Mart and CU. It has become almost as widely available as the standard Jangsoo and you can find a bottle in most places that stock more than one brand. It seems to have been designed for the newer ‘craft’ makgeolli drinking crowd who don’t want to be seen with green bottles littering their tables and insta posts but also baulk at the idea of shelling out north of 8000W for a ’boutique’ bottle.

  • Price : Cost around 1800W a bottle in most CU or GS
  • A rather weak tasting citrus rice wine
  • Great design, shame about the contents
  • Alcohol : 6%

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