#77. Yongin Baekam Makgeolli (용인 백암 생 막걸리)

Baekam Makgeolli has no carbonation whatsoever, which is ideal as it needs a little bit of a shake to mix it properly. It is an incredibly smooth ricewine to drink and is really light and you could easily spend a night drinking bottle after bottle as it is one of those drinks that you don’t want the bottle to finish. it is a little chalky in colour but with no aftertaste. I think the best way to describe is as the makgeolli equivalent to eating a Galaxy chocolate bar.

Made with both rice and wheat to make it as smooth as possible, Baekam is produced by the Gyeonggi Joint Casting Brewery and is one of a range of makgeolli produced by the brewery including Sanyang-sam Makgeolli (review here). The original Baekam Brewery can be traced back almost 100yrs they say, like most of the smaller breweries it can be difficult to find their products far from source which is as much to do with quantity produced as it is with brand awareness. But to be honest for these small companies to become widely available they would probably need to sacrifice ingredients or tradition and I really don’t that it’s worth it.

  • Price : Cost around 1500W in Yongin Hanaro Marts
  • Incredibly smooth and easy to drink
  • A must buy if you are lucky enough to be in Yongin
  • Alcohol : 6%

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