#76 E-Dong Rice Makgeolli (이동 쌀 막걸리)

There are so many makgeollis from Pocheon and while some are really good they do from time to time produce something that leaves you scratching your as to why they bothered….E-Dong is one such makgeolli. It is really watery and thin and to be honest you could be excused for not realizing that you were actually  drinking alcohol at all as it is pretty bland bordering on tasteless. It would definitely not be a good ‘COVID-19 test either as it really doesn’t smell of anything. It’s safe to say that I am definitely not a fan


Made by the 1957 Dongjo Brewery in Pocheon they make two versions of the drink, one with wheat and this one with rice. One of the main issues with the rice version is that they seem to have added a lot of sugar which I guess is due to the wheat version being a little rougher.  It is reasonably priced with the rice option being cheaper than the wheat and as you can see from above it comes in the larger 1200ml bottles. If there is not much else in the refrigerator then I would pick a bottle up but to be honest I’d probably just walk to the next convenience store and buy something else. 

  • Price : Cost around 1500W for a 1200ml bottle
  • The rice version of 1957’s two E-Dongs
  • Too thin and watery and doesn’t really taste of anything 
  • Alcohol : 6%

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