#73 Sokrisan DongDongJu (속리산 동동주)

Sokrisan DongDongJu is light with no carbonation, it has a slightly sour aftertaste but it’s not really enough to be off-putting and it is really pleasant and easy to drink.  It’s made with ‘찹쌀’ which is sticky, glutinous rice and, generally, makgeolli made with that rice is a little smoother than makgeolli made with normal rice. It’s definitely the kind of makgeolli that you could drink slowly over a night in front of Trot TV variety show….trust me I was forced to do exactly that by the wife.

Made in Cheongju City in North Chungcheong, it is named after Songrisan Mountain, which is often called “Sokrisan”, in an area allegedly known as the Chungbuk Alps.I really hope that name isn’t true, I hear Jeju Island referred to as “The Korean Hawaii” too often. It’s made by the local Agricultural Association and, like the Jirisan Herb Makgeolli, has slowly began to make it’s way around the country. I’ve only seen the larger 1700ml bottles in Seoul but in Cheongju and the surrounding area it is available in the smaller 750ml, if for some reason you want to drink less. 

  • A slightly sour but light makegolli
  • Costs around 1500W for 1700ml in a Mart in Guro
  • Has no carbonation and it’s easy to drink the bigger bottle in one sitting
  • Alcohol – 6%

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