#72 Jirisan Herb Makgeolli (지리산 허브 막걸리)


Jirisan ‘Herb’ Makgeolli has a slightly sour aftertaste with the drink itself being quite thin with no carbonation. It is made using Rosemary and Lavendar in the brewing process and although you can smell a slight ‘herb’ odor there is no real ‘herb’ taste which is a little disappointing as it would have made it taste a little more unique as it does have a kind of generic taste. It is a refreshing makgeolli and is definitely one that you could drink several of over the course of a session as it’s subtle and non-overpowering taste make it perfect to drink a couple of bottles.

Made by the Unbong Brewery near the foot of Jirisan Mountain it is one of two makgeolli made by the brewery and was originally conceived/released in 2010 as a result of Namwon City being designated as a ‘hub’ for Korean herbs. Unbong means ‘cloudy peak’ which is the perfect description of Jirisan, South Korea’s second tallest peak. ‘Jirisan Herb’ has won several awards in Korea and also brought home a Silver Award at the Belgium World Liquor Fair. Current CEO Choi Bong-ho took over the family business and has set about trying to bring something to the makgeolli market. The makgeolli is slowly becoming both more popular and more accessible with a lot of traditional herb and cultural stores beginning to stock it. It is definitely worth picking up a bottle or two if you see it. 

  • Price : This bottle cost 2000W in Gongdeok Station of all places
  • It  has a slightly sour aftertaste
  • It contains both Lavendar and Rosemary but you can’t really taste them
  • Alcohol : 6%

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