#70 Gangwon-do Dodeok Makgeolli (강원도 산도덕 막걸리)

It has a very distinct root taste but like Chigalpsan (review available here) it’s not  too overpowering and is pretty mild and light. There is quite a lot of carbonation and stays “bubbly” for most of the cup although I guess that really does depend on how quickly you drink 🙂 It is easy to drink which is good as it generally comes in 1.2L bottles so there’s a lot to of rice wine to get through. It has a strong ‘earthy’ aroma which adds to that authentic ‘root’ makgeolli vibe.


Made in Gangwon using dodeok grown near the slopes of Seoraksan Mountain, the labeling extols the health and ‘well-being’ of the root and while I don’t doubt the benefits of the actual root I’m not sure downing copious amounts of their makgeolli on a daily basis is going to provide you with everlasting life.  It isn’t the most readily available or easiest to find rice wine on the market and while I wouldn’t make the trip to Gangwon it is definitely something that I would pick up if I seen it in a mart closer to home. It makes a good alternative to the mass-produced offerings from the likes of Jangsoo and Jipyeong. 

  • Price : Cost around 1200W a bottle …strangely available in Sindorim
  • A strong smelling and tasting root makgeolli
  • Light and easy to drink
  • Alcohol : 6%

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