#69 Yongin Cheoinseong Makgeolli (용인 처인성 막걸리)

This rather elusive Yongin makgeolli tastes a little similar to Jipyeong Makgeoli although I would definitely recommend it before the more commonly found Jipyeong. It does have a perfect balance of sweet and sour although they do say that the longer you keep it in your fridge the more sour it becomes. My friend from Yongin bought me three bottles….but they didn’t really stay unopened long enough for me to put the changing taste claim to the test. It has a fantastically sour smelling aroma when you open it and this along with the balanced taste does make it worth a trip to Yongin to find it…..or try and make a friends with someone from the area if you don’t like long subway journeys.

The makgeolli is named after Cheoinseong which is actually a battle which was fought between the Goryeo Kingdom and the Mongol empire in the area around what is now known as Yongin. The battle was a victory for Goryeo and was one of their only victories during the Mongol invasion. Back to the makgeolli and it is a little stronger than most other ricewines at 7%, a lot of companies such as Saengtak and Jipyeong have recently launched ‘Premium Makgeollis’ at 7%, but neither of those two taste as good as this in my opinion. 

  • Seems to only be available in Yongin itself
  • Costs around 1700W in local marts in Yongin
  • A light and slightly sour rice wine
  • Alcohol – 7%

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