#68 Baekryun Muhaksan Makgeolli (백련장수 무학산 막걸리)

Muhaksan is yet another offering from the Baekryun Brewery and like most of their other makgeolli this one also doesn’t disappoint. It’s easy to drink and is quite smooth and light . It has a slightly yellow-white colour and definitely has a distinct ‘San’ (mountain) aftertaste which is a little tangy and sour but nothing that is going to suck your jaws in. It almost has the perfect balance as it’s also not as thick as some off the other ‘mountain’ rice wines and is perfect on a summer’s day after a hike or sitting atop Namsan with a picnic.

Named after Muhaksan mountain in the Changwon area of Korea it is one of Baekryun’s only makgeolli that is more of a ‘standard’ type rather than others such as their Corn and Chestnut offerings. The bottle label is split in half with one side being blue and the other slightly orange which could get a little confusing if you’ve already sampled a few of their other makgeolli and are beginning to feel a little ‘happy’. I’m not really sure why they chose the name of a mountain in another province when Uamsan and Bumosan in particular are closer to home. 

  • A typical ‘mountain’ makgeolli
  • Costs 1100W in the Mapo Fisheries Market
  • A light and slightly sour rice wine
  • Alcohol – 6%


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