#67. Buyeo Chestnut Makgeolli (부여 알밤 막걸리)


I found this bottle in the local mart across from my apartment so decided to grab a bottle as they normally only stock Jipyeong and Jangsoo. I think I can confidently claim that they won’t be stocking it in bulk any time soon as it reall is incredibly sickly sweet and tastes more like caramel or toffee that chestnut. It actually remined me of a candy bar called Caramac from the UK that I used to love when I was a kid, I guess my taste buds have changed a lot as I found this bordering on disgusting and it was difficult to finish a full bottle. Definitely not one I’d recommend.

Made by the BaekjeWon Brewery it has a very distinct yellow colour which does help to differentiate it from a lot of other rice wines. It is not very commonly found and seems to be mainly available in smaller marts who, I guess, order it direct from the brewery or online. It does have a strong chestnut smell despite the rather low chestnut content used in the brewing process but that doesn’t really help with the overpowering sweetness. I’ve read some Koreans linking the taste to that of nurungi (누룽지)candy which is basically burnt rice candy….Caramac is more accurate. 

  • Sweet, sweet, sweet
  • Costs around 1200W in selected markets
  • Tastes like chestnuts….that have been dipped in toffee…and sugar.
  • Alcohol – 6%

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