#66. Baekryun Cultured Wild Ginseng Makgeolli (백련장수 배양근 산삼 막걸리)

Made by Baekryun Jangsoo, ‘Wild Ginseng’ Makgeolli has a particularly strong ginseng taste and smell which can be slightly overpowering at first. It sounds like it would be tough to drink but is actually incredibly smooth and refreshing although definitely only a one-bottler. The smell is so strong that you can actually smell the ginseng as you are shaking the bottle. It’s probably not a makgeolli that everyone would like but I definitely recommend trying it, especially on a hot and humid night.

Baekryun were among the winners at the 14th Makgeolli festival and it’s not hard to see why as their makgeolli, for the most part, is among some of the strongest tasting rice wines on the market. There are a few other Gingseng makgeollis out there but Baekryun use “wild” ginseng root which does seem to give it a longer lasting taste in your mouth. As mentioned above it is a lot easier to drink that it first sounds but it’s definitely for the more ‘experienced’ makgeolli connoisseurs, if this was your first time trying makgeolli you might not rush to try it again.

  • A strong smelling, bitter ginseng makgeolli
  • Costs around 1000W in Mapo Fisheries Market
  • It is an acquired taste but good for a one-off bottle
  • Alcohol – 7%


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