#65. Udo Peanut Makgeolli ( 우도 땅콩 막걸리)

I think I had my opinion on peanut makgeolli ruined a few years back when I had a particularly bad bottle and so was actually surprised by how much better this tasted that I thought it was going to be. It tastes like actual roasted peanuts like the ones you find in both Hofs (Korean pubs) and restaurants whereas some other peanut rice wines tend to be add way too much sweetener in order to make them taste less “nutty”. There is very little carbonation which in turn makes it really easy and refreshing to drink.

It’s not as commonly found as the more popular, and horrendously sweet, ‘official’ Jeju Udo Makgeolli (review here) which is a real shame as in my opinion it’s soooo much better. It’s made with 1.4% Udo peanut, which is quite a lot compared with the other peanut makgeolli on the market and this does help in giving it that extra nutty taste. If you like the sweeter peanut offerings on the market then I’m going to imagine that this one is not for you but if you can make a bowl of roasted nuts disappear from a bar table in under 2 minutes then this is perfect!

  • Price : Available in some well-stocked local marts for 1100W
  • It’s definitely nutty and tastes like roasted peanuts
  • The lack of carbonation means that it’s really easy to drink
  • Alcohol : 6%

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