#62. Hansan Mosi Makgeolli (한산 모시 생 막걸리)


When you see the label you instantly imagine the a unique tasting makgeolli lies in wait for you but, unfortunately, it’s kind of generic tasting despite the herb being added. It is a little more carbonated than expected and that first pour can end up more like an explosion.  It is slightly thicker than most off-the-shelf rice wines but it is still light enough to drink easily. The taste is a little bit sweet and sour with the sweetness probably being stronger, which as I mentioned was surprising given it’s made form the herb/plant. It is perfect to during or after a hike and I had a bottle while walking along the stream near my house.

The brewery has been around since 1997 so although not one of the older breweries it does have a little bit of history attached. The Mosi plant is commonly used to make clothes and is generally regarded as being a traditional way of making clothing among the older generations and this might be the first time I’ve drank something that I could also wear, although to quite a popular Glasgow term I have been “trousered” on many an occasion. 

  • Price : Costs around 2000W in specialized stores.
  • A decent enough, although generic tasting makgeolli.
  • The herbs on the label do it make the bottle stand out. 
  • Alcohol : 5%

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