#61. Daedaepo ‘Blue Label’ Makgeolli (대대포 고급 막걸리)

Packaged more like a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky than a makgeolli, Daedapo looks like it would be a really good drink for a special occasion but in reality it is pretty watery and is overly sweet, perhaps due to the honey that they use. It has slight carbonation on the first shake so best be careful. It does have a quite strong smell which almost convinces you that it might have a stronger taste to match the aroma but unfortunately the taste is weak and there’s not really much about the makgeolli that lives up to it’s bright and almost arrogant packaging.

Daedaepo has actually won it’s fair share of awards down the years swooped a bast traditional liqour in 2019 so I guess I know nothing :-). Produced by the Damyang Jukhyangdo Brewery they use honey and another natural sweetener called stevial gycosides instead of aspartame to try and keep the brewing process as natural and traditional as possible. Like all “raw” makgeolli it has a shelf-life of around 30 days abut there are claims that it will last as long as 2 months as long as it’s kept well refrigerated, I prefer to stay on the side of caution and drank it the same day I bought it.

  • Price : Costs around 2000W~ 3000W in specialized stores
  • A watery and sweet makgeolli
  • Pretty unique packaging with it’s blue and gold contrast.
  • Alcohol : 6%


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