#60. Pocheon Black Bean Makgeolli (포천검은콩 막걸리)

I’d only tasted one black bean makgeolli before this one and it was nutty and easy to drink so I was looking forward to having another as, generally, I like Pocheon rice wines. Unfortunately this one is a really sour tasting makgeolli not like Seobaeksan (review here) and is quite difficult to drink, which is saying a lot coming from a Scotsman. I will give it a little benefit of the doubt as it is pasteurized and so has a long shelf-life which may have affected the flavour slightly, but even my football team winning wasn’t enough to sweeten the taste.

What the makgeolli might like it sweet taste it definitely makes up for in it’s pretty sweet labeling, with it’s eye-catching colour contrast making it stand out against a fridge full of bland Jangsoo bottles. When you pout it you can immediately see little flecks of black bean in the glass, which does go some way to helping it with it’s claim of being “healthy”. It’s interestingly available in the lager 1200ml bottle which is kind of ironic given that I would much rather drink less of this and more of some of Pocheon’s other offerings. That being said it is worth buying for a glass of two, just make sure to invite friends to help you finish the bottle.

  • Price : Cost around 1100W a bottle in a local mom and pop mart
  • An overly sour makgeolli
  • You can see pieces of the black beans floating in the cup
  • Alcohol : 6%

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