#57. Craftroot Snow IPA (설 IPA)

For a long time Koreans were subjected to pretty bland beers and were turning, for the most part, to Japanese and Chinese beers for something that tasted of more than just the local tap water. One of the companies that emerged from this need for something more was Craftroot and with them they brought the exceptional Snow IPA which has got to be one of the best craft beers in Korea.  Snow IPA is not as strong as a lot of IPAs can tend to be and has more of a softer and more mellow feeling, which makes it easier to drink several cans in the one sitting. It has a slightly fruity aftertaste and is a little ‘hoppy’, like a West Coast IPA, but would definitely be my ‘goto’ IPA if only it was available in CU.

Craftroot beers are beginning to become easier to get your hands on for us Seoulites with the company opening a bar in Sinsa whereas previously eager drinkers had to wait until events such as the Itaewon Food Festival.  Snow has won a few awards and most recently picked up the ‘Silver’ award at the 2020 Korean International Beer Festival, with Craftroot themselves sweeping several awards across the board. As with the their Cheongcho Lake Ale (review here) the can is a masterpiece all on it’s own with it’s snowy and mountainous design and the company has obviously put a lot of effort into their packaging as well as the exceptional beer inside.

  • A ‘West Coast’ style IPA
  • Available at beer and food festivals for around 3000W a can
  • Perfect to drink if you are planning on having several beers and not just one.
  • Alcohol – 5.3%
Snow among some other Craftroot beers I picked up at the Itaewon Food Festival

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