#54 Chungju Bam Makgeolli (충주밤막걸리)

I must confess to being a fan of “flavoured makgeolli” with corn and chestnut, in my opinion, worthy additions to any makgeolli fridge but despite having drunk my fair share of chestnut ricewines down the years I was taken aback by this one. It tastes almost exactly like drinking a Snickers bar, to the point that I’m sure a Snickers McFlurry would want to taste this good! Of course by good I mean sickly sweet and there is little to no chance that I would sit down and put away 2 or 3 bottles in one sitting, but for a one-off bottle on a hot summer’s day it 100% hit the spot.

Made by the Sotae Brewery in Chungju (http://www.sotae.co.kr) it is not the easiest of most accessible of makgeolli to find but it has managed to find its way into Lotte Mart and some smaller independent marts. One of the first things I noticed when I poured the first glass was that unlike many other chestnut ricemwines this one is milky white and not a creamy yellow colour. This may have added to my surprise that it tasted so much like Snickers as my brain was probably expecting a Seobaeksan sourness. Sotae won the ‘Gold Prize’ at the 10th Makgeolli Festival back in 2012 with CEO Lee Gong-jin remarking at the time that the key to their success was using Chungju chestnuts, I can’t vouch for the quality of one chestnut over another but I can definitely recommend their makgeolli, just don’t go buying a box of 12 at a time.

  • Price : Cost around 1100W a bottle in a local mart in Dorim-dong
  • A makgeolli that tastes like a Snickers bar
  • Perfect on a hot and humid summer’s day
  • Alcohol : 6%

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