#49 Corn DongDongJu ( 옥수수 동동주)

When you first imagine a corn-based alcoholic drink it doesn’t exactly set your tastebuds on fire but Corn DongDongJu actually is a whole lot better than it sounds and tastes more nutty than corn. Made by the Baedoga Brewery (http://www.baedoga.co.kr/) which produces Horangi Makgeolli, it is refreshing and easy to drink and even though it has quite a thin body it more than makes up for that with it’s strong taste and unique aroma. It is made with over 3% NON-GMO corn along with the brewery’s rather unique method of grinding the rice into a powder instead of using the more traditional steamed rice that most other breweries use.

The only time corn should be near a pizza!!

Corn DongDongJu is non-pasteurized and as such needs to be kept refrigerated at all times and drank within a month of the production date. As it’s technically a DongDongju and not a Makgeolli it does tend to have a little “rice” floating in the kettle/cup when you pour it and it tends to separate a little quickly, of course this is only an issue if you take a long time to drink it. Makgeolli is often referred to as the “farmer’s drink” and I really do like the idea that at some point a farmer had some corn left over after harvest and decided to get drunk from it, Baedoga Corn DongDongju is almost certainly more “craft” than those original farmers  had in mind but it is still a really good drink and one more than worth grabbing from your local E-Mart fridge.

  • A corn DongDongJu
  • Costs around 1400W from E-Mart and Homeplus
  • Refreshing with a unique aroma and decent enough taste
  • Alcohol – 6%

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