#47 Seobaeksan Black Bean Makgeolli (소백산 검은콩 막걸리)

When you first read this on the menu it doesn’t exactly set your taste-buds on fire but thankfully it tastes so much better than it sounds. It has quite a sweet and nutty taste which does mean it’s not the kind of makgeolli that you will want to drink multiple bottles of in the one sitting but is definitely one that you should more than enjoy savoring. It is a little like drinking black bean flavoured soy milk such as the consistency of the makgeolli. It is one of my favourite makgeollis and there is always an empty bottle of it on my table when last orders are called at the end of the night.

Winner of the best makgeolli taste award at the 2015 Korean 팔도 festival, Seobaeksan Black Bean is generally found in most good makgeolli/jeon restaurants as well as in places such as the Mapo-gu Fisheries Market which is where I found this bottle. It’s distinctive and rather beautiful label make it easy to pick out even in the best stocked fridges. Black beans have become somewhat famous in Korea due to comedienne Lee Young-ja claiming her jet black hair is a result of drinking black bean shakes every day, not sure this is a viable alternative but I’m willing to give it a go.

  • Seobaeksan Black Bean Makgeolli
  • Costs 1100W in Marts, around 5000W in restaurants
  • A nutty, thick rice wine that goes with jeon perfectly
  • Alcohol – 6%


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