#45 Gangseo Mild Ale (강서)

Made by 7brau, Gangseo Mild Ale is advertised as being fruity and floral and based on the American Pale Ale style of beers with the fruity scent allegedly coming from a combination of orange and mango. It is by far one of my favourite Korean craft beers, it is light and crisp and has just the right amount of bite in the aftertaste. Gangseo Ale has been selected by the Korean Government for The Blue House (청와대) as their official beer for when they host International dinners and events and while it may not quite be the beer of Emperors it is definitely one of Korea’s finest craft beers and a must in any decent beer lover’s fridge.

Gangseo has recently moved from being mainly available in Craft Brew pubs to now being included in CU’s latest push to promote Korean beers and is now being offered at 4 cans for 10,000W which is pretty amazing value given it’s generally priced around 3800W a 500ml can. 7brau have really upped their game of late and along with others such as Kabrew and Ark have really made Korean craft beer a viable alternative for even the more choosy of beer enthusiasts out there, with the reduction in price allowing even the most financially prudent to be tempted. The beer itself is named after the Gangseo area of Seoul on the South-west bank of the Han River which, until now, was probably more well-known for having Korea’s 3rd largest airport, Gimpo Airport. Gangseo Ale is definitely worth sidestepping a Tsing Tao for.

  • 7Brau’s flagship beer
  • Costs around 3500 normally but currently 4 cans for 12,000
  • A great beer to have with friends or after a long day
  • Alcohol – 4.6%

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