#43 Gapyeong Pine Nut 1872 Makgeolli (가평 잣 1872 막걸리)

Made by the Woorisool Company, who also brought us the ‘standard’ Gapyeong makgeolli (review here) Gapyeong Pine Nut made the Michelin Guide website in June 2019 as one of their recommended rice wine parings (see here). As the review said it is a smooth and easy-to-drink makgeolli and given how disgusting the cans of pine nut “juice” are it was more than a little bit surprising just how good this tasted. It is quite thin and does tend to lack the thick body of a Geunjeongsanseong (review here) but it more than makes up for that in taste. On the first sip it appears to have a typical makgeolli taste but then suddenly there is a subtle hint of nuttiness that sets it apart from more generic offerings.


Like Woorisool’s other Gapyeong makgeolli they boast to only use the purest of water from Gapyeong itself and the ‘1872’ in the name comes from the fact that they use 1872mg of pine nuts in the brewing as opposed to the standard version which uses 700mg. This increase in pine nuts also seems to be the reason behind the ‘Premium Gold’ tag on the label, is it worthy of two such superlative advertising buzzwords? Perhaps not. It is good and at least they’ve gone down the “premium” road by adding more, or better, ingredients rather than the recent trend of re-branding slightly stronger rice wines as “premium”. I would definitely recommend picking a bottle (or can) from the fridge if you happen upon it as it really is going to be worth it.

  • Price : This one I found in Mapo Fisheries Market for 1200W
  • Smooth and light with an ever-so-slight nutty taste
  • Goes well Netflix binges
  • Alcohol : 6%








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