#41 Pocheon Myeongga Makgeolli (포천명가 생막걸리)

Pocheon Myeongga “Famous” Makgeolli has recently been making is presence felt more and more among the Jipyeong (review here) and Jangsoo bottles in most makgeolli bar refrigerators. It is a light and refreshing rice wine without being particularly unique. It would definitely be a good drink for a balmy Korean summer night due to it’s lack of fizz and smooth body however. It does have a slight aftertaste but it is far from overpowering and, to be honest, could be doing with being a little bit stronger for those of us who enjoy having our jaws pulled in a little.

Myeongga does boast a particularly beautiful label, with it’s intricate black background and gold lettering it does tend to stand out on the shelves next to the ubiquitous white labels of the competition. There are almost as many makgeolli variations in Pocheon as residents and Myeongga is definitely one of their best which is quite a feat given Pocheon’s penchant for making an alcoholic version of anything and everything. This is after all the city that brought us alcoholic bread and even alcoholic yeot (Korean candy).

  • Price : I’m sure it can be found cheaper but I got this one for 5000W in a City Hall makgeolli restaurant
  • Light and refreshing
  • Goes well kimchi jeon
  • Alcohol : 6%

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