#40 ‘Alley’ Makgeolli (골목 막걸리)

골목 or”alley” Makgeolli was actually discovered on celebrity chef Baek Jong-won’s TV program ‘Alley Restaurant’ (백종원의 골목식당) on one of his trips to Daejeon. It is a very easy and pleasant makgeolli to drink, it is a little thin but without being watery and is one of those rice wines that you could easily drink all night. It is a simple but solid makgeolli that does have you raising your hand towards the nearest waiter for another. Park Yoo-Deok who brews the makgeolli said that he has purposefully focused on the use of good quality water and has kept the taste more “neutral” so it goes better with food.

The concept of Baek’s program is similar to that of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares where he goes and helps struggling restaurants. In this episode he met Park and upon drinking some declared it to be so good he “could take a bath in it”. It has now become as common in the fridge as a bottle of Soju and given how successful Baek is at turning companies around it could and should grow from strength to strength. Park has said that depending on the success of 골목 he may think about producing more “premium” rice wines in the future.

  • Price : Available for around 3000 in Hanshin Pojas
  • Simple and pleasant to drink
  • Goes well with spicy chicken feet
  • Alcohol : 6%


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