#39 Jeonju Saeng Makgeolli (전주 생 막걸리)

Jeonju Saeng Makgeolli has an almost nutty aroma to it and has a slight, but definitely not overpowering, sweetish taste. Made by the Jeonju Casting brewery it does only have an strength of 5.5% which is a little lower than your normal makgeolli and is quite surprising given the relatively strong taste. It needs a good sake before drinking in order to make sure that it is properly mixed.

Makgeolli and a full-ish Seoul World Cup Stadium

As you can imagine it’s not the most commonly found rice wine outside of Jeonju and the bottle I bought was in the Mapo Agriculture Market (마포 농수산물 시장) near Seoul World Cup Stadium Station although I have heard it is also to be found in some 365 Marts up and down the country. It is one of those rice wines that is perfect for both makgeolli lovers and newbies and I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle if you see it around.

  • Price : Available for around 1200 in the local mart at Seoul World Cup Stadium
  • Nutty aroma and slightly sweet taste
  • Goes well jeon
  • Alcohol : 5.5%


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