#38 Geumjeongsan Seong Makgeolli (금정산성 막걸리)

Geumjeongsan Seong, or Geumjeong Mountain Fortress Makgeolli is widely regarded as one of Korea’s finest rice wines and to be honest it’s difficult to argue with that accolade. It’s a little thicker than a lot of other makgeolli out there and that becomes even more apparent when you’ve had a couple of bottles of something else before it. It has a distinctive taste, which lingers long after you’ve finished your cup and has an aroma that would make one of those pretentious wine drinkers sniff over and over. It is a little bitter but then again I am beginning to think most of the best ones are.

Easily found in most local marts in Busan, Geumjeong boasts 500yrs of tradition on it’s label. It also goes by the name of Busan Fortress Makgeolli and is named after the largest mountain fortress in Korea today.  It claims to be the first traditional alcohol produced in Korea and the brewing process today is still similar to that from the days of old, even using 500yr old yeast in it’s production along with Geumjeong Mountain mineral water. It can be a little harder to drink than some of Busan’s other offerings but it you like a sour rice wine then this is one that will definitely have you yearning for more, and more and more.

  • Price : Found in Busan Marts for 1200W
  • Sweet and sour taste which has quite the kick to it
  • Goes well jeon and fried food
  • Alcohol : 6%

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