#37 Sangdong Saeng Takju (상동 생타주)

Made by Sangdong Brewery in Gimhae City Sangdong Saeng Takju has a very distinctive and sweetly sour taste which could suck in the jaws of even the hardest of faces. It has a particularly short shelf-life of roughly 10 days which is great for giving you an excuse to crack a bottle open after you’ve already upset the wife with an all-day session. It’s really light without being overly watery and is a pretty damn good rice wine once you prise your jaws back open that is although the strong sweet and sourness does mean that it’s not going to be a two-bottle affair.

Said to be a favourite of late President Noh Moo-hyun, who himself was from Gimhae.  It isn’t the easiest to find unless you are actually down in Gimhae, the only times I have seen it in fact were in the Hanaro Mart at Jagalchi Station in Busan. While I’m not saying you should make a trip to Busan just to but a bottle it is definitely worth squeezing one into your bag if you do happen to come across it.

  • Price : Found in Busan Hanaro Marts for 1200W
  • Sweet and sour taste which has quite the kick to it
  • Goes well after walking the dog
  • Alcohol : 6%

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