#36 Hwaseong Saeng Makgeolli (화성 생 막걸리)

Made by the same people who brought us Horangi Draft, Hwaseong Saeng Makgeolli has a slightly bitter taste although not too strong. It, unfortunately, feels a little watery as you are drinking it which kind of takes away from the bitterness leaving  you feeling slightly underwhelmed and disappointed. It is light and would make be a reasonably good choice on a sunny day down the park but it lacks the body of a truly great sour rice wine.


A quick browse of the promotional blurb that accompanies Hwaseong would suggest that Baedoga Brewing have brewed the makgeolli in such a way as to purposefully make it “lighter” and less coarse than others on the market. This has been done by grinding the rice as opposed to steaming it. A “lighter” rice wine may very well have been their aim but it, in my opinion, it doesn’t really work. It is slightly carbonated and non-pasteurized so as is always the case with this type of makgeolli make sure to keep it refrigerated.

  • Price : Recently been on offer in E-mart for under 2000W
  • A light and watery makgeolli with a slight sour/bitter taste
  • Goes well on a summer’s day
  • Alcohol : 6%

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