#35 Yongin Sanyang-Sam Makgeolli (산양삼 막걸리)

Unlike some other ginseng ricewines on the market, Sanyangsam is considerably less bitter than others and in fact doesn’t contain the all too often overwhelming assault on your taste buds and/or nostrils that so many seem to pride themselves on.  It is a slightly chalky and fizzy makgeolli and despite lacking in any ginseng flavour (hence the 2.5 score) it isn’t too bad. It goes down easily enough without ever really making you think about jumping back on the Everland subway line in pursuit of a 2nd bottle.

Sanyang-sam, or wild mountain ginseng as it’s known is, allegedly, famous for it’s anti-cancer properties although anyone who’s sat through a company dinner in Korea will be able to regale you with stories of the health benefits of almost everything on the menu and beyond. The label seems to suggest that drinking one bottle is the equivalent of eating one full ginseng root, if that is the case I dread to think how many roots are in some of the stronger tasting ones on the market. With no production date on the label it’s difficult to know exactly how long the shelf-life is, the bottle I bought had less than a week left to live!

  • Yongin’s ginseng makgeolli
  • Goes down well when it’s raining outside
  • Cost around 1600W in local Yongin convenience stores
  • Alcohol – 6%

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