#34 Jinro Is Back Soju (진로 이즈 백)

In a meeting room, early 2019, somewhere in Hitejinro HQ a decision was made that would completely change the face of almost every restaurant table in Korea as the idea of “Jinro Is Back” was birthed and a new bottle was about to hit the already saturated Soju scene. Korea has been adopting something of a return to retro designs of late and those marketing-savvy gents at Hitejinro were not to be left behind. “Jinro Is Back” saw a move away from the iconic green Soju bottle as the company returned to the 70’s with their blue bottle and brand logo of a toad.

The Jinro toad!

But enough about the packaging I hear you say what about the alcohol? Well the contents ain’t too bad either. It might just be the placebo effect but “new” Jinro really does taste smoother and better then it’s predecessor.  It has become insanely popular in the 6mths or so since it’s launch and as well their posters adoring most fridges, their bottles fighting for space on the cluttered BBQ tables they have also hired an enthusiastic and eager promotional team to persuade any punter who doesn’t have a bottle to change.

Jinro and Terra!

While it doesn’t scale the dizzy heights of Hallasan (review here) for it’s smoothness it does go down incredibly well which of course has led to many an ajossi moaning that the “hangover is back” too.

  • The return of the toad!
  • Found on almost every BBQ table and then some
  • A smooth and (too) easy to drink Soju
  • Alcohol – 17%

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