#31 Omija DongDongJu (오미자 동동주)

Brewed by the Nakchun Brewery in Donghae Gangwon-do, Omija Dongdongju is certainly one of the most interesting tasting beverages I’ve had in while. Made with just under 1% omija berry it has a distinctive, almost medicinal, taste to it which lingers around a little like the creepy IT guy at the office Christmas party. It has a pink hue to it and given that medicinal smell and taste memories of summers spent sunburnt and covered in Calamine lotion came flooding back.

Omija, or “five flavour berry”, is Korean for the Magnolia berry. The “five flavours” are, allegedly, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and pungency. I guess this explains the almost indescribable flavour and that sneaking feeling that  I’m back in Dr. Walker’s surgery being treated for tonsillitis. Famed for it’s stress management and sleep benefits, the Omija berry is quite often found in overpriced herbal teas…. I’ll let you know after a few bottles if makgeolli is the better option.

  • Five flavours in every sip
  • Cost around 2000W at a rice festival
  • Goes well with sunburn and a sore throat
  • Alcohol – 5%

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