#30 Baedari Makgeolli (배다리막걸리)

Baedari which translates to the old name for Goyang in Gyeonngi-do was a favourite of ex-President Park Chung-hee.  It is a quite light rice wine with very little carbonation and is pretty refreshing to drink after a tough day. It was once regarded as the ‘purest’ of makgeollis due to it being brewed in the traditional manner and using water from 200m underground. It doesn’t really have a distinctive flavour but it does have something about it which sets it apart from many others.


Rumor has it that President Park would always make sure to have some Baedari on hand in Cheongwadae (The Blue House) as he was known to partake in the odd tipple during his time in office. So much so that there is even a statue of him drinking makgeolli in the Baedari Traditional Korean Wine Museum. With over 100 years of history Baedari is definitely worthwhile looking for in local farmer’s markets or your favourite makgeolli bar.

  • Park Chung-hee’s favourite Makgeolli
  • Cost around 4000W in Makgeolli bars
  • Light and with little to no carbonation
  • Alcohol – 6%


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