#27 Gijangsoo Pumpkin Makgeolli (지장수 호박 막걸리)

A slightly fizzy rice wine made with 0.4% pumpkin which gives it it’s rather unique orangey/yellow glow. Any initial fears of an overpowering pumpkin smell or flavour are quickly averted as your average floorboard tastes and smells more like Cinderella’s dreaded evening snack. Winner of  the ‘Top Quality’ award at the 2015 Woori Sool Culture Awards, it’s a refreshing and easy makgeolli to drink without making you run back to the mart for more. It is, in my opinion, way more blander than I thought it was going to be and could have really set itself apart from more generic brands with a little more effort.


Brewed in Danghae in Gangwon-do the makgeolli boasts it’s use of gijangso water which, it claims, has more minerals than normal water and therefore makes it smoother than your average makgeolli. I won’t dispute those claims as it is very easy to drink and definitely lighter than some of the other rice wines out there that can bloat you ever so slightly.


  • Pumpkin rice wine
  • Cost 2000W in a local makgeolli festival
  • Goes well with some strong tasting or spicy food.
  • Alcohol – 5%


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