#26 Sejong Cheongju Makgeolli (세종 청주 막걸리)

Brewed in Cheongju by the Sejong Brewing company (website), Sejong Cheongju Makgeolli is a simple and traditionally tasting makgeolli which although it doesn’t raise too many exclamations of taste-bud ecstasy, is a decent enough rice wine. It was perfectly summed up by a friend as being an “everyday makgeolli” and that it exactly what it is with it’s low carbonation and smooth texture. Perfect on a sunny day down the park, it has a slightly sour taste which I’m sure those less classy drinkers out there would dilute with some Chilsung Cider, much to my annoyance of course.

Furthering the recent trend of using only domestic rice along with added wheat flour, Sejong has slowly carved a name for itself among the locals of Cheongju, the capital and largest city of North Chungcheong Province. Due to being non-pasteurized (생) it has a self-life of 30 days which is becoming more of a problem for me given the copious amounts of makgeolli fighting for space in my fridge. Describing himself as a “rural activist” the story of Gyeong Gi-ho’s rise from farmer to brewery CEO is as close to a rags to riches story as you would hope to find in the milky world of makgeolli production.

  • An “everyday” offering from Cheongju
  • Expect to pay around 1500, unless your friend brings it back from Cheongju!
  • Goes well with a picnic.
  • Alcohol – 6%

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