#24 Wooryung E Ssal Makgeolli (우렁이쌀 막걸리)

Made by the Yangchon Brewery in Nonsan,  Wooryung E Ssal has little to no carbonation which is ideal as after a couple of hours in the refrigerator it begins to separate and needs to be well shaken before drinking. It comes in at a little higher on the ‘luxury’ end of the makgeolli spectrum and has a beautifully designed bottle with it’s easily recognizable red taping covering the lid. It is definitely a rice wine to be drank when you have time to spend as it deserves to be savored and not gulped down like a Jangsu.

It’s light and refreshing with no real after-taste which makes it perfect for drinking during a hot and humid Seoul summer. It also has a 7.5% alcohol level which definitely gives it a little more of a kick than the more generic GS offerings.  Made with 100% local Nonsan rice it is unpasteurized and has a shelf-life of just under a month. If you are looking for something different and don’t mind shelling out a little more than the average then I strongly recommend 우렁이쌀

  • Price : It’ll set you back about 3000W in Homeplus
  • A light and refreshing makgeolli with no carbonation
  • Goes well with hot days
  • Alcohol : 7.5%

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