#23 Busan Dongbaek Makgeolli (부산 동백 막걸리)

Brewed by the Dongbaek Yangjo Brewery who also make a tomato makgeolli, yip that’s not a mistake, Busan Dongbaek Makgeolli is a light and refreshing rice wine that is dangerously easy to drink. It’s the kind of drink that you could easily drink a few bottles in a beer garden on a sunny day. It isn’t carbonated and so you can feel free to shake away, which is good as it takes a little while to fully mix.


Often overlooked for it’s more commonly found rival Busan Saengtak (review here) it is a little more watery than others on offer but what it lacks in body it makes up for in taste and it has an almost spicy aftertaste which was a tad unexpected. It has slowly started to become more prominent in Korea’s 2nd largest city and has won a few awards of late. It has some way to go to displace Saengtak as Busan’s favorite but it is on it’s way.

To watch my video review click here

  • Price : Ridiculously cheap as long as you can find a Mart that sells it
  • A light and refreshing makgeolli with a slightly spicy aftertaste
  • Goes well with raw fish
  • Alcohol : 6%

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