#22 Song Myeong Seob Makgeolli (송명섭이 직접 빚은 막걸리)

Seen by many a ‘connoisseur’ as the “peak” of makgeollis due to it having no, or very few, additives Song Myeong Seob Makgeolli has a sour and bitter taste with a slightly watery body. Very similar in taste to Gaedo Makgelli (review here) but definitely a lot lighter and probably easier to drink. Song Myong Seob generally comes in 900ml bottles as opposed to 750ml which is ideal as once you crack open that lid and taste that first sip it does kind of leave you wanting more.

The makgeolli came to the attention of the National Assembly recently as it is allegedly a  favorite of  Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon who claimed that everyone should know of this drink and designated it a ‘National Treasure’. It is best consumed as close to the bottled date as possible with the company themselves recommending within 10 days.

  • Price : Can be quite elusive to find, but in certain makgeolli houses for W6000
  • A sour and bitter makgeolli with a slightly watery body
  • Goes well with Samgyetang (삼계탕)
  • Alcohol : 6%

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