#21 Bong Pyeong Buckwheat Makgeolli (봉평메밀 막걸리)

Bong Pyeong Buckwheat makgeolli, as the name would suggest, is made from buckwheat which makes up 5% of the total ingredients. This 5%, unfortunately, doesn’t really go a long way to adding a whole lot of body or indeed flavour to the drink. It tends to be a little watery  and lacks the thicker consistency of other readily available rice wines. Despite not being the most flavourable of makgeollis it still has a slightly bitter after taste which tends to linger a little too long in the mouth.

I first tried Bongpyeong in early March and I do think it’s a better makgeolli to have in the winter rather than the summer as there definitely seemed to be a different taste to those bottles produced in Feb than the one I had recently which was bottled in June. It has a 30 day shelf-life and I would seriously consider checking dates to make sure you get one as fresh as possible. It’s not a bad makgeolli and there are far worse out there but it struggles against the taste of a Gaedo or Horangi or the smoothness of a Jipyeong.

A winter one is by far best!
  • Price : Available in most Homeplus for just under 2000W
  • A slightly sweet but watery makgeolli with a bitter after taste
  • Goes well with colder weather
  • Alcohol : 6%

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