#19 Han River Ale (한강)

Made by Korean craft beer company 7brau (see website here), Han River Ale is brewed as a witbier with an “citrus taste”. The citrus taste comes from the added orange peel sediment in the bottle so don’t make the same schoolboy error I did and drink the first few gulps without shaking it first as it really does change the flavour. The label claims that it also has oats added but that wasn’t particularly evident in the taste. It has the typically lemmon-ish colour of most witbiers but without the overpowering sourness so commonly found with them.

The labeling contains an image of the Han River at night time and depicts the Gayang Bridge skyline with a young couple gazing at the view from the river bank. It also contains those all important ‘shaking’ guidelines which, in all honesty, really do need followed to get the most out of this beer.

The 7brau company started out life in the Gangseo are of Seoul originally as a small pub, it now has franchised pubs dotted throughout Seoul and also distributes beers to smaller bars and restaurants.

  • Price : Roughly around 8000W in bars and restaurants
  • A tangy whitbeer
  • Alcohol : 5.2%

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