#18 Bohae Bokbungja-ju (보해 복분자주)

Bokbunjajoo is a fortified wine made from fermented black raspberries which give it it’s dark purple colour and obvious fruity smell. Made by Jeollanam-do’s Bohae Brewery, who boast almost 70 yrs of tradition, it is sweet without being overly sickly and did in fact win a silver medal for flavour at the international wine awards back in 2005. Coming from near Glasgow I am of course used to “fortified wines” and although far easier to drink than a bottle of Buckfast I can’t see me convincing the boys down the local park to switch allegiances anytime soon!

It, of course, has alleged properties that boost “male health”, but then so too does practically everything on ur average BBQ restaurant table if you believe the winking ajossi in your dinner group. The fact that the majority of the main brands hail from the traditional honeymoon resorts may very well have had some say in the spreading of the urban legend.

  • Price : Roughly around 4000W in most marts
  • A sweet and fruity fortified wine
  • Goes well with most meats
  • Alcohol : 15%

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