#17 Hapcheon Makkoli (합전 막걸리)

Hapcheon Makgeolli hails from South Gyeongsang and has a pretty tangy and slightly bitter flavour which can be slightly overpowering the first sip or so. Like most makgeolli from the area, Hapcheon is pretty sour if you are more used to brands such as Seoul Jangsoo or Busan Seangtak (review here) and it does explain why the locals are famous for adding Sprite to their kettles! It’s unpasteurized and as such has roughly around a 1mth ‘fridge life’.

Despite the sourness, Hapcheon is the perfect drink to have on a walk straight after the rain has gone or even atop a mountain after the ‘stairs of death’ have been bested. It’s light and refreshing and leaves you wishing you’d either thrown another bottle in the bag before boarding the KTX or that it was easier to source closer to home.

  • Price : Roughly around 2000W but can be rare to find.
  • A slightly tangy and bitter rice wine
  • Goes well after the rain has gone
  • Alcohol : 6%

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