#16 InSaeng (Life) Makgeolli (인생막걸리)

Produced by the Seoul Jangsoo Company, In Saeng, or “life”, makgeolli is the latest product from www.koreawine.co.kr . It comes in 3 varieties with the ‘Basic’ option being the most readily available in your convenience store of choice.  It is pretty heavily carbonated so make sure to open it over the top of your cup as otherwise you’ll be soaking the table with more than just your tears at the sight of spilled rice wine. It has a smooth texture and isn’t as chalky as some others which makes it perfect for that after-hike drink.

Using a blend of both rice and flour it is very light, refreshing and easy to drink.  It does, unfortunately,  tend to blend in with many other offerings out there and has a pretty standard makgeolli taste although it is probably slightly sweeter than most. It has a really well crafted label which does make it stand out on the shelves. The boast on said label referring to it as “the best in my life” is slightly mis-placed as there are definitely other makgeollis out there that you would put higher on that list but that being said it’s probably the best of the generic, easy to find bottles.

Video review here

  • Price : Ranges between 1500W ~ 2000W in most convenience stores
  • A light and easy to drink makgeolli
  • Goes well after a hike….or walk
  • Alcohol : 5%

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